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KICKSTOP™ is built using a precision engineered, proprietary energy dissipation silicone based material developed in the research laboratories at Purdue University. This exciting new and patented technology provides MORE COMFORT & MORE ENDURANCE, giving you more time on the range or in the field enjoying your sport.

KICKSTOP™ simply outperforms every other recoil pad in the market because of its dominant material features

KICKSTOP™ recoil pads deliver:

  • Consistent Force Absorption
  • Virtually Instantaneous Recovery
  • Thermal Stability from – 148F to + 482F
  • Natural Antibacterial Protection
  • High Resistance to Aging from UV, Ozone and Radiation

Because a sore shoulder or extreme conditions shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your sport.


KICKSTOP™ is the most comfortable, most advanced recoil pad on the market. Born in the laboratory, tested to the limits and delivering unmatched results, KICKSTOP™ is made in America and sets the new standard for durability and comfort in recoil pads.

KICKSTOP™ was developed to harness new, innovative and patented RevTech™ material technology to deliver proven comfort, all day long. It is built using a precisely engineered silicone-based energy dissipation material that offers multi impact protection with nearly instantaneous recovery time. We believe that comfort counts when it comes to all day hunts, and KICKSTOP™ delivers.

KICKSTOP™ is the flagship product of RevTech™ Materials, LLC, a company founded on the principles of safety and especially safety for children. RevTech™ is an innovative materials producer, developing products for the Automotive, Firearms, Industrial, Consumer Products, Marine-Boating, Military, Sports and other industries.

To learn more about the RevTech™ story, please click here.


Superior comfort, all day endurance and protection from pain are the goals and the purpose of KICKSTOP™.

Born from safety and engineered to last, KICKSTOP™ brings to the market a new level of performance in recoil pads
through its proprietary energy absorbing material.


KICKSTOP™’s precision engineered, energy dissipation material is able to synergistically absorb impact and dissipate energy across a wide spectrum – substantially more energy across a wider range than standard foam materials. In addition, our material distributes pressure over a wider area in comparison to conventional foam materials, increasing performance in reducing impact pressures. Conventional foam materials have non-linear stress-strain curves that level out over much of the deformation process. KICKSTOP™ reaches NO PLATEAU and NO PLASTIC YIELD POINT. With no accumulation of permanent cellular damage on each cycle along with minimal hysteresis, KICKSTOP offers unmatched MULTI-IMPACT PROTECTION.


Unlike many conventional foams, KICKSTOP™ is built using a material that is not time dependent. Given the material’s unique elastic behavior, when stress is applied, strain is virtually instantaneous (not time dependent). Further, a virtual instantaneous recovery ensues upon the removal of stress. And that’s how you get all day comfort with KICKSTOP™.


It is critical that energy absorbing materials and products, like recoil pads, have excellent elastic response. Protective padding material MUST be ready and able to receive and dissipate a second, a third, or even a high number of impacts, immediately. KICKSTOP™’s energy dissipation material exhibits MINIMAL HYSTERESIS and excellent multi-impact protection in rapid succession.

Conventional protective foam materials are hysteretic and therefore do not offer the multi-impact protection, unable to provide the comfort KICKSTOP™ delivers over time.


The KICKSTOP™ PRO RS-1 is the perfect recoil pad companion for your Remington.

Order yours today!

The KICKSTOP™ PRO RS-1 Fits Synthetic Stock:

  • 700 SPS
  • 710/770
  • 870/11-87
  • 7600


The KICKSTOP™ PRO MS-1 is the perfect recoil pad companion for your Mossberg.

Order yours today!

The KICKSTOP™ PRO MS-1 Fits Synthetic Stock:

  • 500
  • 590
  • 835
  • Maverick 88